Dalhousie Student Union (DSU)

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be recognized nationally as a leading advocate and provider of innovative and valued services for students. We strive to be the primary destination for Dalhousie students to engage in leadership and involvement within the University and greater community.

Our Mission

We actively represent the diverse interests of Dalhousie students. In support of this objective, we seek students’ opinions to provide services which complement and enhance their university experience in a financially, socially and environmentally responsible manner.

What does this mean for you?

The DSU provides opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom; we are your student involvement hotspot! The DSU ratifies the over 200 student societies, arranges safe transportation to and from campus late at night, and represents you to the University, Provincial, and Federal governments. Come to the SUB and get to know society leaders, eat amazing food, and play a game of Foosball in the lobby. Get involved in one of our campaigns, visit our food bank, or sell a book on Tiger Books. Whatever you are doing, we can help you do it!


 The five executive members formulate management decisions regarding the daily operations of the building and services. They are overseen by a council comprised of 33 voting members.

The executive may each post their office hours, although these may change due to meetings that come up in the course of business. It is best to book appointments in advance to ensure the executive are free and available when you wish to see them. You may leave a message with the front desk staff for the council offices by visiting room 222, emailing execadm@dal.ca or phoning 494-1106.