Hacking Google Office Suite: An Introduction to Google Productivity

When: Thursday, October 27,  4-5:20 PM
Where: 4th floor computer lab, Rowe 

Please bring your laptop!

Below are the topics that will be covered in the workshop:

* Why Google V. Microsoft Suite

  • Mobile and platform integration
  • Web application – why they are > than desktop

* Why use Chrome?

* An introduction to Drive, Sheets, Docs, Inbox, Hangouts, Photos, Calendars etc.

* Learning Shortcuts for Google Office

*  Communication and Sharing in Google Office

  • Social Media/Communication + Cloud Storage + WebApp = Productivity
  • Everything in one place
  • The data management magic of cloud storage

* Pitfalls – Non-Gmail users – iOS

* Plugins for Google Office

* Integration using IFTTT, Zapier

* Introduction to Google App Script

* Live demonstration of Annotated Bibliography Script

Come learn skills that you can put on your resume!