IM Public Lecture – October 2

Quinn Dupont

A Rational Economy? From Bitcoin to Ubiquitous Cryptography

Quinn Dupont will be presenting a free lecture on Thursday, October 2, from 1:30 – 2:30, in Rowe 1014. The PhD student from the University of Toronto studies the intersections of code, new media, philosophy, and history, with particular attention to the role of cryptography in contemporary life. Using the approaches and methodologies of critical code studies, software studies, digital humanities, and new media studies, Quinn has published on a wide range of issues.

Thursday’s talk focuses on Bitcoin and its derivatives. Collectively known as “cryptocurrencies”, these powerful technologies rely on encrypted code systems. Since the 1990′s, cypherpunks have lauded the development of cryptography as a guard against snooping and overreaching governments. Activist organizations such as Wikileaks have benefited from unstoppable, uncrackable, and decentralized funding through Bitcoin.

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