Office 365 Workshop

Time: Thursday, September 29, 4-5:20
Location: 4th floor SIM lab
*Please bring your laptop!

A workshop on Office 365 products, organized by ITS & SIMSA.

* OneDrive gives you the ability save your files so you can access them anywhere you have network access. You are also able to share your files so you can all work on the same project.

* SharePoint gives you the ability to have document libraries and lists to share information with other people. It gives you the ability to share certain libraries or files with specific people at different permission levels.

* OneNote is a great way to organize your notes for different classes or projects. You can use different books that each can have labeled tabs to easily find what you are looking for.

* Forms gives you the options to create quizzes or surveys that you can give to friends and classmates. You can view the results in the browser to keep track of trends in the responses.

* Planner can be used to keep track of projects by creating the individual tasks and assigning them to different people in the group. You can see when tasks are due, and what needs to be done first to keep the progress going.

* Sway is a great tool to create webpages that can provide pictures, video and text. You can create multiple webpages and create a link so anyone can view your creations.

* Yammer gives you the ability to create groups and share information on the wall. It keeps the history so everyone can see what the new updates are. You can share videos, pictures and information.

* Delve provides a graphical way to view the popular updates and changes with people around you. It will show you what documents have recently been changed and what has been emailed to you.

You can use these documents in real time to see the changes immediately. This is especially helpful when you are collaborating on project and when doing team work.

Come learn skills that you can put on your resume!