Orientation Masterpost



Hey friends!!

It’s been a busy week full of introductions, overviews, and information overload. Here’s a list of items we went over during orientation in order to add some structure to the chaos that probably is your brain right now:

  • Here’s the Tips n’ Tricks presentation.
  • A link to the list of Lindsay McNiff’s Academic Support Series sessions being offered this year, and a link to the sign up form.
  • A link to Robert Wooden’s Professional & Personal Development sessions which you sign up for using myCareer via myDal.
  • Associations and their available positions can be viewed through the Associations tab.
  • If you haven’t yet, add one (or all) of the SIMSA exec to Facebook so that we can add you to the closed MLIS Facebook group!
  • Follow our various social media accounts (links to the right) to stay updated on SIMSA happenings throughout the year.
  • Before your SIM Common Room access can be granted, you need to set your PIN: After picking up your DalCard, log in to the DalCard online system using your NetID and password (if you do not have a NetID, you must create one here). Once your PIN is set, contact Kim Humes (sim@dal.ca) to complete your access.
  • Return your Address forms to Kim Humes by September 15th - the form is in your mailbox in the SIM common room.
  • Return your nametags to the pink box in the SIM lobby, please.
  • Check out this interactive campus map if you’re having trouble finding a building or service.
  • And finally, don’t forget to attend the SIMSA Annual General Meeting  on September 18th where we will be filling positions on various committees. There’s gonna be food!

We hope that orientation has been an informative, fun, and overall invigorating experience for all of you. We look forward to chatting, helping, complaining, and learning with all of you in the coming year :)