Dalhousie Association of Graduate Students (DAGS)


The Dalhousie Association of Graduate Students (DAGS) is an umbrella organization that has represented graduate students at Dalhousie University for over 30 years, acting as an advocate of graduate students at the local, provincial, and national levels. It is also the owner of The Grad House Social Club.

DAGS’ Board of Directors is made up of nine Dalhousie graduate students. New Board Members are elected or appointed every winter term, and take office May 1st.

The 2014-2015 Board of Directors includes:

Jim Boyle, President (president@dags.ca)
Mahbubur Rahman, Vice-President (Academic Affairs) (vpacademic@dags.ca)
Vishwa Patel, Vice-President (External Advocacy) (vpexternal@dags.ca)
Scott Read, Operations Officer (operations@dags.ca)
Andrew Bucci, Graduate Student Senator (senator@dags.ca)
Shalendra Panwar, Director of Architecture, Planning, Computer Science and Engineering (director1@dags.ca)
Jessica Stark, Director of Arts, Social Sciences, Journalism, Law and Management (director2@dags.ca)
Lisa Fisher, Director of Health Professions (director3@dags.ca)
Sean Aitken, Director of Medicine and Science (director4@dags.ca)

For more information, please visit www.dags.ca.

The School of Information Management Student Association (SIMSA)


The School of Information Management Student Association (SIMSA) is a ratified society representing all students in the School of Information Management. Its goal is to foster connections between students in the program and in other graduate program at Dalhousie, between SIM associations, and between students and faculty.

Besides planning fundraisers, Orientation, and social events, SIMSA also fosters connections between students and professionals by supporting the Brown Bag Lunch and Public Lecture Series, the Dalhousie Journal of Interdisciplinary Management (DJIM), and the annual Information Without Borders (IWB) Conference.

The 2014-2015 Executive Members are:

Andrea Kampen, Co-Chair
Ben Worth, Co-Chair
Megan O’Brien, Communications Officer
Lee Wilson, Financial Officer
Valerie Collins, Vice-Chair (Academic)
Maria Bartlett, Vice-Chair (Non-Academic)
Alieda Blandford, Digital Publications Officer
Hilary Lynd, Information Without Borders (IWB) Conference Chair

In September 2014, three positions on the executive will need to be filled, include the Incoming Year Representative, the Outgoing Year Representative, and the Digital Publications Assistant (you can review descriptions of the open positions here). These positions entail a time commitment of at least one meeting per month. However, we are always looking for casual volunteers to help with functions throughout the year.

Elections will take place during the General Meeting on September 16th at 12:00 (noon) in the SIM Common Room.

You can contact SIMSA at simsa@dal.ca for more information.


The Information Without Borders (IWB) Conference Committee

Info Without Borders

Information Without Borders (IWB) Conference Committee

The Information Without Borders Conference is a student-led initiative by the School of Information Management at Dalhousie University. Each year, IWB provides a forum for interdisciplinary discussion on a central topic affecting all professions represented at Dalhousie’s Faculty of Management.

Every year, IWB features experts from across Canada on a chosen topic. In addition, IWB’s student speaker series and poster session provides an opportunity for current graduate students to share their research with the wider community.

This year’s conference, entitled “Information Management for Climate Change Adaptation,” will examine how data is used and managed in climate research. Additionally, the conference will explore how information on climate change is disseminated, controlled, and publicized. Information management plays a significant role in perceptions and understanding of climate research both publicly and privately. The IWB conference provides an excellent forum for interdisciplinary and cross-organization discussion on this timely and pressing topic.

Registration for IWB is open to all, and we welcome any who are interested to attend! For more information please email iwb@dal.ca.

Currently, the Information Without Borders Committee for 2015 is:

  • Hilary Lynd & Jennie Thompson (Co-chairs)
  • Heather Reid (Out-going Programming Chair)
  • Allie Jardim (Out-going Logistics Chair)
  • Heather Campbell (Out-going Swag & Fundraising Chair)
  • Caitlyn Carson (Out-going Web & Communications Chair)
  • Marvellous Unuadjefe (Out-going Registration Chair)
  • Allison Manley (Finance Chair)
In Fall 2014, IWB will be looking to fill the following positions:
  • In-coming Programming Chair
  • In-coming Logistics Chair
  • In-coming Swag & Fundraising Chair
  • In-coming Web & Communications Chair
  • In-coming Registration Chair
IWB Committee Members get to collaborate with a great team to produce a professional and highly regarded event. This is an exciting opportunity to get involved and develop professional skills in a positive environment. In addition, committee members have the chance to liaise with experts in the field, from across the country. The IWB Committee meets every other week in the Fall Term, and every week until the conference in the winter term.

You can find out more about the 2014 Conference at http://iwbconference.informationmanagement.dal.ca/.

The 2014 Conference focused on issues of Privacy, Security and Surveillance. You can view the Twitter conversation using the hashtag #iwb2014.

The Dalhousie Journal of Interdisciplinary Management (DJIM)

DJIM The Dalhousie Journal of Interdisciplinary Management is a student-led initiative aimed at publishing Dalhousie graduate student work of the highest quality and significance in all areas of management. DJIM supports interdisciplinary collaboration and offers experience in all aspects of publishing.

The Editorial Team consists of:

  • Carlisle Kent – Co-Chair
  • Dom Taylor – Editorial Chair
  • Andrea Kampen – Technical Chair
  • Christina Meagher – Public Relations Chair
  • Natalie Janssens – Communications Chair
  • Amir Rashti – Treasurer

There will be five (5) positions open to incoming students in September 2014, including:

  • Co-chair
  • Editorial co-chair
  • PR Co-chair
  • Communications Co-chair
  • Technical Co-chair

How to get involved:

In September, applications will be accepted from all the schools in the Faculty of Management. The new members to the board will be announced in early October. Additionally, there are lots of opportunities to get involved in the publishing process, including volunteering as peer reviewers, copy editors, and section editors. For more information, please visit http://ojs.library.dal.ca/djim/index, or contact Carlisle at carlisle.kent@dal.ca.