Returning and Outgoing Student Practicum Reference

First off, thanks everyone for replying so promptly to my email for this list! I hope that this list will assist you first years in choosing a practicum that better matches your librarian leanings. At the very least it should give you a better idea of what is out there if you’re having troubles deciding.

Students that have moved on (graduated, so it may be harder to contact them if you want to)

  • Kaitlin Anne - Capital Health -
  • Stephanie Anne -  NS Advisory Council on the Status of Women -
  • Emily Beth - Nova Scotia Legislative Library -
  • Alieda Blandford -  Children’s services at HPL
  • Laurie Chase - Nova Scotia Archives
  • Elliott Gish - Captain William Spry Public Library
  • Andrea Kampen - ”info literacy” practicum with Lindsay McNiff.
  • Jaq-Lin Larder - Mount Saint Vincent University Library -
  • Karine Lelievre - Dieppe public library, New Brunswick public library system
  • Alison Manley - Bedford Public Library
  • Tam Proulx -  IWK
  • James Ross -  Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education, Planning, Research, and Accountability Division.