Room Booking

Room booking instructions – last updated July 2015

TO BOOK ROOMS IN THE KILLAM (Grad Pad / Learning Commons) – Click here.



Managed by Dean’s Office

a)      2068 – Faculty Lounge

b)      3001 – Classroom

c)       5001 – Classroom

d)      5053 – Classroom

e)      3052 – McKay boardroom

f)       3087 – Executive training suite

g)      3089 – Executive training suite


TO BOOK: Contact the co-op student working at the reception desk (3rd floor). You can phone (494-2582) or stop by in person to ask a question about availability but bookings should be made via email to ensure there is a paper trail. ( All room bookings are approved by Ron Stubbert.  


Please provide:

  • Date & time of event (build in set up and clean up if necessary)
  • Name, email address, phone number
  • Type of event



-          Revenue-generating bookings take precedence in the Executive Training Suite. Although you may have secured a booking well in advance there is a chance it could be canceled if something else comes up.

-          Room bookings will not be taken too far in advance. (Often only within the current term)

-          Students cannot book these rooms on their own; they must book through the Admin Assistant or a faculty member.

-          The Dean’s suite has a “servery”, i.e. kitchen area, attached to 3052 and 3087 that can be used for food prep/storage if needed. Talk to the Admin Assistant if you wish to use this room.

-          The door to the Dean’s suite hallway locks at 5pm. SIM has a key to the rooms but not this door. Ensure that it is left open the day of your event.


Managed by SIM

a)      4025 – Meeting Room

b)      4001 – Computer lab

c)       Part-time offices in SIM



a)      Rowe 4025: Bookings in this room are done on an honour system. SIM admin does not monitor these bookings.

All bookings are tracked in the planner on the counter in the mail/copy room (Rowe 4023). To add a booking to this planner, do the following:

  • Search for your desired date and time.
  • Check to make sure there are no existing bookings during the timeslot you want. Booking are first-come, first-served so if your timeslot is taken you must choose another one.
  • Outline your desired timeslot (e.g. 8am to 10am), then within the outline, clearly write your name, meeting title and start/end time. PLEASE USE PENCIL ONLY.



-          You are responsible for revising/removing your booking if it is changed or cancelled.

-          This room remains locked when not in use and only SIM staff have keys. Please ask SIM staff (offices 4013, 4014 and 4016) to unlock the door for you when you arrive for a meeting. It is helpful to ask ahead of time to ensure one will be available. If you are meeting with a SIM faculty member, you can obtain access to the room from them.

  • For after-hours bookings: A key must be signed out from the Admin Assistant. Please email 1-2 business days in advance to arrange to pick up the key (note: The person who signs out the key is responsible for replacing it if lost). Keep in mind that the main SIM doors (4010) are locked after 4pm, so you will need to enter the hallway through the SIM Common Room (4034).

-          Please leave the room as you found it out of respect for the next group using it. Turn off the lights and close the door behind you.


b)      Rowe 4001:

-          This is booked through the Admin Assistant via an Outlook calendar. To request a booking:

  • Email the date, start/end time and event title to and you will receive a confirmation. Please request your booking as far in advance as possible, as the room is popular and it may take the Admin Assistant 2-3 business days to respond.

-          When this room isn’t booked it is a general-use lab. The Admin Assistant will post a calendar each week outside the room, however students often don’t check that calendar. If you are having an event which shouldn’t be interrupted you may want to post a sign on the door.

-          There are 23 workstations plus a presenter/instructor podium at the front with controls for the projectors. There is no computer at this podium so presenters must bring their own.


c)       Part-time offices in SIM: Recurring bookings in these spaces must be requested by filling out an Office Space Request Form and emailing it to the Admin Assistant at  

  1. a.       For students working with faculty as RA/TA’s: consult with the faculty member you are working for. They should be the ones to submit the booking request in this case.
  2. b.      For a one-time booking: skip the request form and simply email the Admin Assistant ( the details of your request.


We do allow bookings from students external to SIM; however, they must take place between 8 am and 4pm M-F.

Managed by the School of Business

a)      4113 – Meeting room

b)      Breakout rooms (4th floor)


From Sept to May there is a co-op student at the desk in the SBA. They manage room bookings on the 4th floor in the SBA and in the hallway. When there isn’t a co-op student bookings can be made by Viola Caume or Teresa Walsh.




a)      All case rooms (1st floor)

b)      Potter auditorium

c)       3080 – Lab

d)      Atrium


Common Pool rooms can be booked either for an event or a class. Depending on the time of year we may not be able to make bookings for these rooms. Facilities Mgmt will not make bookings in the spring until the Timetable is complete. During the fall and winter terms there is rarely free space in the case rooms.


If booked for an event:

This booking can be made using the online form ( or by emailing An event is a one-time function not relating to a regularly scheduled class.


Please provide:

  • Date & time of event (allow extra time for cleanup at the end)
  • Whether food and/or alcohol will be served
  • What the event is (e.g. Public Lecture, AGM, meeting, etc.)
  • Contact name, number and email address


If you are serving food: Copy the Admin Assistant on your booking; a request will need to be submitted to Facilities Management for cleanup. If cleanup is not required we will not be charged. Charge out rates for a custodian are $28.25 (as of May 2013) so please incorporate this into your budget.



-          Call (902) 494-1051 to follow up on a booking or to ask questions about booking a common pool space.

-          Some of the rooms in the Rowe have a liquor license which allows us to purchase our own alcohol. If the room does not have a liquor license you must book the Dal bartender.

-          If you want to set up a table in the Atrium (e.g. bake sale), you must contact Facilities Management with the details (as above) first to find out what is allowed (SIM staff cannot approve this). SIM has two long, foldable tables available for borrowing if needed. Email to request a table (please give at least a week’s notice).