Standing Committees


The Admissions Committee provides advice on admissions policies and practices, recruiting activities, and the awarding of scholarships. The Committee is made up of:

i. the MLIS Program Coordinator (Chair) – JoAnn Watson
ii. the SIM Director – Sandra Toze
iii. one representative from the Associated Alumni – Jennifer Grek Martin
iv. one returning student (appointed by the Students’ Association) – TBA

Appointments, Promotion and Tenure

Meetings of the Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Committee are held whenever particular School matters require consideration and decision. The members of the Committee are:

i. all full-time faculty
ii. one part-time faculty – TBA
iii one returning student – TBA
iv. one representative from the Associated Alumni – Michael Perry
The Director attends to consider appointments only.


The Curriculum Committee develops and evaluates the curriculum to ensure that it is meeting the goals and objectives of the Program. The Committee is made up of:
i. two faculty members – Vivian Howard and Mike Smit
ii. two students (one incoming student and one returning student) – Deborah Hemming and TBA
iii. two alumni – Kathleen Peverill and Robin Parker
iv. two members from the Information Management community – Greg Pemberton and Jackie MacDonald
v. the MLIS Program Coordinator – JoAnn Watson
vi. the SIM Director (ex-officio) – Sandra Toze
vii. a representative from the SIMSA Executive (ex-officio) - Alice Albarda

Petitions & Grievances

This Committee is formulated as the need arises to hear student petitions and grievances on all procedural academic matters relating to academic standards, course requirements, examinations and other evaluative procedures, grades, pass requirements, advancement requirements, etc.

The Committee is composed of:

i. three faculty members - TBA
ii two other members (at least one of whom shall be a student), selected from a panel of six: four students, at least one from each of the MLIS or MIM programs, recommended each year by the Student Association – TBA

iii. two alumni, recommended by the School’s Alumni Association. - Sarah Visintini and TBA

All terms are for one year (September 1-August 31).

First year representatives:
Second year representatives:

School Council

The School Council is the policy-making body for the School, and is responsible for establishing the terms of reference of each Standing or Special Committee and receiving reports from committees and approving matters of policy relating to the School and its programs. Meetings are held at least once yearly, at the end of the Winter Term.

Membership in the School Council includes:

i. all full-time faculty
ii. all part-time faculty who teach on a regular basis and who are appointed by the Board of Governors
iii. professors emeriti
iv. the MLIS Program/Graduate Coordinator
v. the MIM Academic Director
vi. three students from the MLIS or MIM programs (one incoming student, one returning student, and a Co-Chair of the Students’ Association)
vii. the Chair of the Associated Alumni

A non-voting observer is appointed by the Canadian Library Association to represent the Association. The Council is chaired by the Director of the School, and the Program/Graduate Coordinator acts as Secretary.

First year representative: TBA
Second year representative: TBA
SIMSA Chair: Alice Albarda