Returning and Outgoing Student Practicum Reference from 2016

Here is a list of practicums completed by returning students in 2016. This list is just to showcase some of the options available to students, as there are many other options available for practicum locations. Due to the wide variety of student interests, this year’s placements could be completely different than those from 2016.



Returning and Outgoing Student Practicum Reference

First off, thanks everyone for replying so promptly to my email for this list! I hope that this list will assist you first years in choosing a practicum that better matches your librarian leanings. At the very least it should give you a better idea of what is out there if you’re having troubles deciding.

Students that have moved on (graduated, so it may be harder to contact them if you want to)

  • Kaitlin Anne - Capital Health -
  • Stephanie Anne -  NS Advisory Council on the Status of Women -
  • Emily Beth - Nova Scotia Legislative Library -
  • Alieda Blandford -  Children’s services at HPL
  • Laurie Chase - Nova Scotia Archives
  • Elliott Gish - Captain William Spry Public Library
  • Andrea Kampen - ”info literacy” practicum with Lindsay McNiff.
  • Jaq-Lin Larder - Mount Saint Vincent University Library -
  • Karine Lelievre - Dieppe public library, New Brunswick public library system
  • Alison Manley - Bedford Public Library
  • Tam Proulx -  IWK
  • James Ross -  Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education, Planning, Research, and Accountability Division.