Office 365 Workshop

Time: Thursday, September 29, 4-5:20
Location: 4th floor SIM lab
*Please bring your laptop!

A workshop on Office 365 products, organized by ITS & SIMSA.

* OneDrive gives you the ability save your files so you can access them anywhere you have network access. You are also able to share your files so you can all work on the same project.

* SharePoint gives you the ability to have document libraries and lists to share information with other people. It gives you the ability to share certain libraries or files with specific people at different permission levels.

* OneNote is a great way to organize your notes for different classes or projects. You can use different books that each can have labeled tabs to easily find what you are looking for.

* Forms gives you the options to create quizzes or surveys that you can give to friends and classmates. You can view the results in the browser to keep track of trends in the responses.

* Planner can be used to keep track of projects by creating the individual tasks and assigning them to different people in the group. You can see when tasks are due, and what needs to be done first to keep the progress going.

* Sway is a great tool to create webpages that can provide pictures, video and text. You can create multiple webpages and create a link so anyone can view your creations.

* Yammer gives you the ability to create groups and share information on the wall. It keeps the history so everyone can see what the new updates are. You can share videos, pictures and information.

* Delve provides a graphical way to view the popular updates and changes with people around you. It will show you what documents have recently been changed and what has been emailed to you.

You can use these documents in real time to see the changes immediately. This is especially helpful when you are collaborating on project and when doing team work.

Come learn skills that you can put on your resume!

IM Public Lecture: “Implementing Technology in Archives & Libraries”

Lecture Details
Wednesday, September 28th, 2016
University Hall, MacDonald Building, 6300 Coburg Road

The Information Management Public Lectures give attention to exciting advances in research and professional practice. The topics are diverse reflecting the importance and global extent of Information Management in today’s society. The lectures are open to all members of the Dalhousie campus and surrounding community. Click here for the full schedule. We encourage you to attend in person, but if that is not possible you can access a recording on our website following the lecture. Live streaming is not currently available. 

Presented in partnership with Dalhousie Libraries, as part of the Digital Preservation Management Workshop.

Evelyn McLellan
President, Artefactual Systems (BC)

Abstract: The last decade or so has seen an explosion in the number of software tools and services designed to assist archives and libraries to preserve digital content and make it available online. Some institutions have been drivers of this change; some have been gradually drawn in as funders and implementers; and some have lagged behind, as yet unable to take advantage of new technologies to achieve their mandates to acquire, preserve and present digital content. What are some of the barriers to implementing new technologies, and how have institutions successfully overcome these barriers? And how well do existing tools and services meet institutional needs anyway? This lecture will draw on the experiences of the presenter, who has spent the last eight years working with institutions as they have attempted (both successfully and unsuccessfully) to launch digital preservation programs.

Biography: Evelyn is responsible for directing Artefactual’s business operations and strategy. She also works as a senior systems analyst on Artefactual’s development and client projects. Evelyn is a graduate of the University of British Columbia’s Master of Archival Studies program (1997) and, prior to joining Artefactual, had over 10 years experience as an archivist and records manager at a number of organizations including the City of Vancouver Archives and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.  Evelyn has been with Artefactual since 2008, working as the first AtoM Community Product Manager, then as the Archivematica Product Manager, then assuming responsibility for managing Artefactual’s implementation and digital preservation strategy projects. In September 2013 she took on the role of President when Peter Van Garderen stepped aside to work full-time on archives systems research.

IM Public Lecture: “Complex Innovation and the Patent System”

Lecture Details
Thursday, September 22nd, 2016
5:35-6:35pm *embedded in the class INFO 5500: Information in Society
Room 1011, Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building, 6100 University Avenue

The Information Management Public Lectures give attention to exciting advances in research and professional practice. The topics are diverse reflecting the importance and global extent of Information Management in today’s society. The lectures are open to all members of the Dalhousie campus and surrounding community. When feasible, recordings of the lectures are posted here for wider circulation. For the full schedule, visit the Public Lecture page of our website here.

NOTE: We encourage you to attend in person, but if that is not possible you can access an audio recording + slides on our website following the lecture (a notice will be sent when posted). Live streaming is not currently available.

“Complex Innovation and the Patent System”

Ryan Whalen

School of Information Management, Dalhousie University

Abstract: As the universe of available information becomes larger and innovation becomes more complex, the task of examining patent applications becomes increasingly difficult. This project demonstrates that the United States Patent Office has insufficiently responded to changes in the information universe and to innovation norms, leaving the Patent Office less able to adequately assess patent applications, and more likely to grant bad patents. 

After first demonstrating how innovation has been responsive to contemporary innovation norms for hundreds of years, this project uses information and data science methods to empirically demonstrate how innovation has drastically changed in recent decades. After empirically demonstrating the changed innovation system and the inadequate response to these changes by the Patent Office, this presentation concludes with policy prescriptions aimed to help the Patent Office implement examination procedures adequate to assess 21stcentury innovation. These prescriptions include more granular crediting for the time spent by examiners assessing applications, an increased focus on teamwork at the Patent Office, improvements to the inter partes review process, and alterations to the analogous art doctrine.

Biography: Ryan Whalen is a faculty member of Dalhousie University’s School of Information Management. His research focuses on innovation policy, intellectual property law, and computational social science. He holds a JD from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, and a PhD in Media, Technology, and Society from Northwestern University.

Association Display: Slides

We know that yesterday’s Association Display was overwhelming (so many associations!) so we’re here to make it a little easier for you. Here is the slideshow presentation: Association Display Presentation

Both APLA and ARMA graciously left us some swag material, which can be found on the table in the SIM common room. If you didn’t get a chance to join either association yesterday, you can join online:

  • APLA is free for students to join. You can sign-up here.
  • ARMA has a lower fee than usual for students. You can sign-up here.

Technological Tips and Tricks Session: Slides


We know it’s been a busy week of classes and orientation events, so rest easy knowing the slideshows from the Technological Tips and Tricks session are available to download at your leisure.

The first is the Technological Tips and Tricks slideshow, presented by Katie Gallant: Technological Tips and Tricks

The second is the Student Discounts and Study Spaces slideshow, presented by Keri McCaffrey: Student Discounts and Study Spaces

Brown Bag Lunch: Affinio with “Data-driven growth: From finding product-market fit to scaling”

When: September 13, 2016,12-1pm
Location: Council Chamber, Student Union Building


The goal of any company with a valuable product is to scale adoption. Ardi will show you how startups put data to work in all functions: Sales, marketing, HR, and product. 

Twitter, Airbnb, Uber, and Facebook all used insights found deep within their data to unlock big growth opportunities. Companies with data-driven cultures outperform their peers in everything from scaling to changing the way all team members focus their efforts towards high-value activities. Come hear from Ardi Iranmanesh how Affinio leverages the power of data to add value to their clients’ business bottom-line.

About the speaker: Ardi Iranmanesh, Co-Founder and Chief of Staff at Affinio 

With a background in Entrepreneurship and Computer Science, Ardi began his startup career in customer discovery. Drumming up ideas to solve his customer’s biggest problems, and working to find the all-mighty product-market fit, Ardi was crowned the ‘Ideation Ninja’.

Early stage, Ardi worked closely with and contributed to the product, sales, and marketing functions. Energized by working with passionate people, he puts an emphasis on team and culture within the organization.  

Now, Ardi’s main area of concentration is taking Affinio to the next level, focusing on growth, SaaS metrics, and scaling. Outside of startup life, you can find Ardi reading and listening to podcasts (…about startup life). His favourite topic? Anything SaaS-related. Outside of learning, you can find Ardi on his Yoga mat or wallowing in a good scotch.  

Follow Affinio at @Affinio and Ardi Iranmanesh at @Ardi_MGMT 

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