SIMSA AGM & Elections – September 16



The Dalhousie School of Information Management Student Association (SIMSA) is hosting its annual General Meeting on Tuesday, September 16, at 12:00 noon in the SIM Common Room. All SIM students are very welcome and encouraged to attend! Aside from discussing this year’s goals, we will also be electing two incoming student positions:

  • Incoming Year Representative
  • Assistant Digital Publications Officer

You can find out more about the open SIMSA positions here.

We will also hold elections for the School Committees, including

  • One returning student for the Admissions & Scholarships Committee
  • One returning student for the Appointments, Promotions & Tenure Committee
  • One incoming student for the Curriculum Committee
  •  A number of students for the Petitions & Grievances Committee
  • One incoming and one returning student for the School Council

You can find more information about the School Committees here.

We welcome nominations from all SIM students, and interested students are also encouraged to nominate themselves! The meeting will follow Robert’s Rules and the elections will take place via secret ballot. Please contact us with any questions.